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Podcaster Showcase: Dr. Lisa Herbert

Discover the transformative insights of Dr. Herbert, a seasoned healthcare leader with over 20 years of experience. Dive into her podcast, Women Physicians Lead, where she shares her expertise in physician leadership, vision clarity, and work-life balance. Tune in now to unlock the keys to success and make a positive impact in your healthcare career.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Navigating a Broken System

Hear from Jasmine Samuel, a Black nurse, healthcare administrator, triple-negative breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Patient Nurse Foundation, an organization that provides essential care management support and patient navigation services to Mississippians, a state with some of the worst health outcomes in the U.S.


Stay Informed and Inspired: Hear Network Highlights

Do Weighted Blankets Improve Anxiety or Sleep?


Depression and Mental Health Support, Resource and Recovery


Rigors and Other Super Scary
Chemotherapy Reactions


Blazing a New Pathway: A Bold Blueprint to Foster Upskilling, Reskilling and Future Colleagues

Companies around the U.S. and world are navigating a re-think about work and learning as shifting expectations and technological leaps upend the status quo. In this episode, discover how trailblazing initiatives at one of Tennessee’s largest employers are reshaping the healthcare landscape while addressing societal and economic pressures.


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Listener's Review:

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is more than a podcast; it’s a lifeline for healthcare leaders who are seeking to make a positive change in their workplace environments.

~ Inspire 23 via Apple Podcasts


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